Officer Joe

Real Name: Joe Jones

First Appearance: The Crimebusters #1

A native of New York state, Joe Jones enlisted in the Army the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941. He served with distinction during the war, ad participated in several campaigns in both Africa and later Europe, eventually finishing the war as an MP in occupied West Germany.

Though he was offered a career in the peacetime army, Joe decided he had done his duty, and he was mustered out in 1946. Returning to New York, he put his experience in the army to good use, graduating from police academy and accepting a job at the small Curtiss police department.

The sleepy town of Curtiss seemed like an easy job — cats stuck in trees, throwing an occasional drunk in the tank overnight, that sort of thing. But the town seems to have strangely become a magnet for trouble over the last few years, with escaped convicts, con men, bandits and thieves showing up in town with increasing regularity.

And that’s just the normal stuff; from experimental helicopter crashes to secret government mining facilities, things seem to get weirder all the time — and it’s guaranteed that either Crimebuster or Trixie Trouble will be somehow involved, one way or another.

That’s fine with Joe. But he has the sense that his new boss, Chief O’Brian, isn’t so keen on kids sticking their noses into police business. And that just promises even more headaches for Joe and the regular folks of sleepy little Curtiss, New York.