The Crimebusters vol 1 is coming in September, 2023!!

The Crimebusters volume 1 is coming to Kickstarter in September, 2023!

When supernatural occurrences begin haunting Curtiss Tech, it’s up to student sleuths Chuck Chandler, Trixie Trouble, and friends to solve the mysteries before somebody dies!

The Crimebusters volume 1 collects The Crimebusters #1-5 and features over 175 pages of spine-tingling thrills and chills! Check out the pre-launch page now and click the “Notify me on launch” button to make sure you don’t miss it!

Cthulhu vs Uncle Sam #2 is here!

Cthulhu vs. Uncle Sam #2 is now available to buy in the store!

When Cthulhu is again summoned to attack New York City, Uncle Sam has to travel to the past to uncover the dark eldritch secret at the heart of America, leaving Granny Gumshoe behind to battle it out with the forces of evil!

Quest #1 is here!

Quest #1 has successfully launched on Kickstarter, so thanks to everyone who supported new epic adventure, I appreciate it very much!

In Quest #1, a ragtag group of adventurers are thrown together by fate and charged with an impossible quest to save their world!

You can buy Quest #1 in the shop now!

About The Crimebusters!

An ode to classic teen detective series like Scooby Doo, Veronica Mars, and Archie’s Weird Mysteries, The Crimebusters is a new ongoing comic book series filled with
suspense, drama, mystery, and adventure, featuring amateur sleuths Trixie Trouble and Chuck Chandler!

Return to the world of Chuck Chandler, one of the most popular heroes of the Golden Age of comics. Orphaned when his parents were murdered by an enemy spy, Chuck vowed to fight crime wherever he found it. Taken under the wing of New York’s FBI Director Jay Loover, Chuck became known as Crimebuster while still a teenager thanks to his knack for taking down crooks. Hoping to join the bureau as an official agent, Chuck eventually headed to college to pursue his degree.

But even at bucolic Curtiss Tech, trouble has a way of finding Chuck — Trouble with a capital T. Enter intrepid girl reporter Trixie Trueheart, better known to friends and enemies alike as Trixie Trouble thanks to her knack for stirring up the hornet’s nest in search of truth — and, of course, a good story.

Now available in either digital or physical form, the first blockbuster issue of The Crimebusters, “Return of the Death Mask,” is a standalone mystery picture novel in 30 action packed pages. Returning for another school year in the fall of 1956, Chuck and Trixie get a crash course in terror when one of Curtiss Tech’s most beloved professors turns up dead. Was it suicide, as the cops claim? Or did he unwittingly bring back more than just precious artifacts from his summer trip to Peru… like an ancient curse?

In issue #2, Chuck and Trixie investigate a haunted house to uncover the truth behind a decades old murder mystery. But the only way they can find the truth is through… time travel?! See the amazing adventure in “The Secret of the Ghost Bride!”

In issue #3, when a series of strange attacks rock the Curtiss tech campus, Chuck and Trixie must discover if the cause is sorcery… or the Soviets! Find out the incredible truth in “The Spell of the Sorcerer!”

And in issue #4, a classmate is possessed by the spirit of Krampus! In order to defeat him, Chuck, Trixie, and Vera must face their darkest fears. Can they save Christmas?! Discover the unreal in “Krampus on Campus!”

Be warned though. These heart-stopping tales may prove too much for some fragile minds to handle. So read with caution. Because otherwise, the next death for Chuck and Trixie to solve may be… YOURS!!


Issue #3 update and sneak preview!!

Well, it’s been awhile since the last update, thanks in part to our old enemy COVID-19, and in part due to the fact that I’m doing something a bit different with issue #3. For the first two issues of The Crimebusters, I basically did the books in the Marvel Method — I drew all the …

Work on issue #3 is now underway!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the chance to update the blog here on the website, so I apologize for the long delay between updates. Hopefully everyone by now has had the chance to sign up for the Crimebusters Case Files, where I send updates directly to your email every month. But if …