Real Name: Chuck Chandler

First Appearance: Boy Comics #3

Biography: As a youth, Chuck attended Custer military academy. While playing hockey for the school team, Chuck received word that his father, an outspoken activist against communism, had been assassinated while giving a speech on Radio Free Europe. Chuck rushed to find his mother, but was too late, as she was also gunned down by enemy agents while delivering aid to refugees. 

Vowing to fight injustice and crime anywhere he found it, Chuck set out to avenge his parents, eventually defeating their killer, the assassin Iron Jaw. Earning the nickname Crimebuster for his skill in tracking down notorious criminals, and teaming up with a Capuchin monkey named Squeeks, Chuck drew the attention of the director of the New York City branch of the FBI, Loover.

Under Loover’s mentorship, Chuck worked for the FBI office in a semi-official capacity while still a teenager, earning special dispensation to tackle cases with the co-operation of the bureau. This arrangement lasted several years. But when Chuck’s meager inheritance ran out and he was forced to look for a paying job, the powers that be declared that an untrained minor couldn’t officially join the bureau.

Deciding to get his degree in order to pursue a career with the FBI, Chuck enrolled at Curtiss Tech, a small college in the bucolic Hudson River Valley. There, he became fast friends with his new roommate, Stu Stuart, while also gaining an instant rival in the form of the brutish J. “Jabbo” Jabroni.

After numerous adventures on and off campus with Stu, Chuck is now entering his junior year of college, having just spent the summer of 1956 back  in New York City working as Loover’s intern. It was another step towards his career goals, and allowed him to spend some time with his old pal Squeeks the monkey. But it did prevent him from accompanying the rest of the school’s Archaeology Club on a once in a lifetime trip to investigate the tombs of ancient Peru…