Trixie Trouble

Real name: Trixie Trueheart

First Appearance: The Crimebusters #1

Biography: Trixie grew up in a small farm town in the bucolic Hudson Valley in lower New York State. A rambunctious tomboy, Trixie spent most of her free time outdoors, exploring nature, hiking, canoeing, and riding horses. 

This love of adventure combined with unbridled curiosity, leading Trixie to investigate a series of mysteries around her home town, leading exasperated parents and teachers to give her the nickname Trixie Trouble.

Trixie’s idyllic youth came to a sudden end as a teenager due to two major life events: her beloved parents shockingly went through a bitter divorce, and not long after, she was stricken with a serious illness that left her bedridden for nearly a year. 

Unable to pursue her outdoor adventures, Trixie turned inwards, voraciously reading mystery magazines and dime store novels. By the time she was finally well enough to begin the long physical rehabilitation process, Trixie had gained an encyclopedic knowledge of detectives both real and fictional, with her childhood dream of becoming a private eye now a firm life goal. 

Hoping to pursue that dream, a healthy and fit Trixie enrolled at Wesley College, the all-girl sister school to Curtiss Tech, and began working towards a journalism degree. Following her sophomore year, Wesley and Curtiss officially merged, giving Trixie the chance to meet a whole new group of classmates — which means a whole new group of mysteries to solve. But there’s one student in particular she’s keeping a close eye on: Chuck Chandler, the famous boy detective known in the New York City press as Crimebuster.

Because wherever he goes, trouble is sure to follow — Trouble with a capital T.