Chief O’Brian

Real Name: John O’Brian

First Appearance: The Crimebusters #1

A career police officer right out of college, John O’Brian is as by-the-books as they come. A stickler for rules and regulations, O’Brian gained a reputation as a straight arrow; respected, but not liked, by his colleagues.

Thanks to his exemplary record, O’Brian was offered the position of Chief of Police in Curtiss, New York, when the town’s former police chief, Chief Pyle, retired. Though it’s just a sleepy, small town, O’Brian views it as a stepping stone and proving ground. Only in his 30’s, Chief O’Brian views the job as perfect way to prove himself before moving on to bigger and better things.

The only potential fly in his ointment: amateur detectives like Chuck Chandler and Trixie Trouble, who were given far too much leeway by Chief Pyle. O’Brian is determined to crack down on these shenanigans, because the only thing more important than following the letter of the law is making sure that nothing messes up his perfect record.