Real Name: Alex Keannette

First Appearance: Boy Comics #119

Born and raised in the town of Magog, Quebec, Alex Keannette developed a love of hockey at an early age. A natural center, Alex developed into a bruising physical presence on the ice, and a chance at the NHL seemed in his future.

However, while in high school, Alex suffered a serious knee injury. Though he eventually recovered enough to continue playing hockey, he had lost a step, going from great to just pretty good.

With his pro hockey dreams gone, Alex decided to pursue a career in urban planning, with a particular interest in roadways and traffic patterns. With momentum building in America towards the establishment of a national interstate highway system, Alex decided to attend college in the United States, so he could experience things first hand.

Alex shows off his hockey skills, and his old haircut, in Boy Comics #119.

Alex chose Curtiss Tech for its robust urban planning curriculum, but also for its solid hockey program. Upon arriving, Alex soon found himself in a natural rivalry with the team’s established top line center, Chuck Chandler. Egged on by Alex’s roommate, the manipulative Weenie Dinkle, Alex and Chuck nearly came to blows at one point.

However, the good-natured Alex quickly realized Chuck was a friend, and the two have been buddies ever since, backing each other up when necessary against the schemes of Weenie and the arrogance of their fellow teammate, Jabbo.

Alex was overjoyed during the summer when the Interstate Highway System officially became law. He spent the summer working on a paving crew to get hands on experience, and is eagerly awaiting the beginning of construction this fall, which he hopes will provide plenty of amazing field trip opportunities.

Alex experiences some culture shock on his arrival at Curtiss Tech in Boy Comics #119.