Real Name: Jabroni Crawford

First Appearance: Boy Comics #107

A natural born bully, Jabroni “Jabbo” Crawford imagined himself the top of the totem pole at Curtiss Tech — until Chuck Chandler showed up. Instant rivals, the two took an immediate dislike to one another, competing in every arena, from sports to romance.

Athletic, strong, fast, and powerful, Jabbo still can’t quite measure up to Chuck, either physically, or intellectually. But though he’s not as book smart as either Chuck or Chuck’s roommate Stu Stuart, Jabbo makes up for it with a cunning knack for mischief and a willingness to break the rules to get what he wants, regardless of the consequences for others.

Still, though Jabbo has few boundaries, he imagines himself to be the hero of his own story, and from time to time he has been known to surprise by taking the unexpected high road. Just… don’t count on it.

Along with Stu, Weenie Dinkle, Professor Downs, and Miss Grady, Jabbo recently went to Peru with the Curtiss Tech archaeology club to excavate an ancient burial ground. While there, though, he suffered some kind of head injury, the extent of which is still unknown.

Crimebuster and Jabbo meet in Boy Comics #107.
Crimebuster introduces Jabbo to his fist in Boy Comics #107.