“Weenie” Dinkle

Real Name: Winfield R. Dinkle

First Appearance: Boy Comics #119

Born into a family of wealth and influence, Winfield Dinkle led a spoiled life of privilege. An only child, Winfield was raised by his family’s nanny, with his absentee parents making up for their lack of interest by indulging his every material whim.

Having researched the social life of Curtiss Tech before enrolling, Winfield was determined to buy his way to power and influence at the school, which meant aligning himself with the big man on campus — and that meant sports star, former student body president, and minor celebrity Chuck Chandler. Upon entry to Curtiss Tech, Winfield used his father’s power and influence to get assigned as Chuck Chandler’s new roommate.

Winfield tries to bigfoot the students of Curtiss Tech in Boy Comics #119.

However, the move backfired. affronted by Winfield’s attempt to circumvent the rules and determined to keep his current roommate, best pal Stu Stuart, Chuck threw Winfield out, tagging him with the cruel nickname “Weenie” in the process. Instantly a school pariah and the butt of jokes, Weenie hatched several underhanded schemes in order to try and get his revenge on Chuck, none of which worked out the way he planned.

Still, intent on keeping his enemies closer than his non-existent friends, Weenie joined the archaeology club. Along with fellow students Stu and Jabbo, as well as sponsors Professor Downs and Miss Grady, Weenie spent the summer in Peru, excavating an ancient temple, an experience that doesn’t seem to have earned him any new friends…

Weenie gets his nickname after his scheme backfires in Boy Comics #119.