Real Name: Vera Veritas

First Appearance: The Crimebusters #1

Born in upstate New Jersey, Vera’s mother was a school teacher and her father, a businessman. While Vera was still a small child, she displayed an unusual aptitude for and interest in mathematics. Her mother realized that the public school system wasn’t equipped to meet Vera’s advanced needs, so she hired a math tutor to teach the young girl advanced concepts.

Vera’s interest in math soon turned into an interest in science. As a child, her imagination was captured by the stars, and soon began avidly reading science fiction comic books, like Planet Comics, and sci-fi pulps such as Astonishing and Planet. A dedicated introvert, Vera spent countless hours designing her own spacecraft and conceiving of ways to solve the problems of space exploration and travel.

After graduating high school with top honors, Vera choose to attend Curtiss Tech’s sister school Wesley College, a girl’s school with a strong reputation in applied sciences. She quickly became fast friends with her new roommate Trixie, bonding over their shared love of pulps and adventure serials. Vera soon found herself drawn into numerous dangerous situations, helping Trixie solve a number of local mysteries.

After their sophomore year, Wesley merged with Curtiss Tech, which has Vera excited to use Curtiss Tech’s superior science facilities. It’s also allowed her to join Curtiss Tech’s active astronomy club, which occupies most of her time even though it also includes some people she’s not a huge fan of, such as Weenie Dinkle. Still, with 1957’s International Geophysical Year fast approaching — along with the promise of Earth’s first artificial satellite launches — Vera can’t wait to see what the stars have in store for her… and for humanity.