Real Name: Squeeks

First Appearance: Boy Comics #3

When Chuck Chandler‘s father was shot and rushed into the emergency room for surgery, Chuck went for a walk while he awaited news on the results. While passing through the park, he came across an organ grinder abusing a monkey. Chuck intervened, and bought the monkey for $25. He later decided to give the monkey the name Squeeks.

It proved to be the perfect match. Brave and surprisingly intelligent for a monkey, Squeeks helped Chuck solve numerous crimes over the years, even saving Chuck’s life on several occasions.

When Chuck went off to attend Curtiss Tech to get his college degree, however, Squeeks was reluctantly left behind in the care of Chuck’s mentor, Jay Loover, head of the New York branch of the FBI. While Squeeks still gets to see Chuck during summer break, he is eagerly awaiting Chuck’s graduation so they can be reunited full time. Until then, he patrols the mean streets of New York alone, keeping crime in check solo until his partner returns.

Squeeks takes on Iron Jaw in Boy Comics #60.