The Crimebusters Fan Club Membership Kit


The Fan Club Membership Kit is your access to the secret world of The Crimebusters!


Join the coolest club in the world with The Crimebusters Fan Club Membership Kit!

This membership kit includes:

• a welcome letter from Chuck and Trixie
• an official certificate of membership signed by both Chuck and Trixie
• an 8×10 print of Chuck and Trixie suitable for hanging in your treehouse
• a Junior Crimebuster badge
• a replica of Trixie’s school newspaper press pass
• a pair of Crimebusters stickers to decorate your casefiles
• a Crimebusters collectible trading card!
• and The Crimebusters Secret Decoder Book!

Fan Club members will be able to use the Secret Decoder Book to decipher clues and messages hidden in every issue of The Crimebusters!

Plus, fan club members who join the Crimebusters mailing list will also receive special encoded messages as part of the newsletter, and will be eligible for unique rewards available only to fan club members!

Adventure awaits!