The Crimebusters #2 – Boy Comics #121 Variant


A physical copy of the first issue of The Crimebusters, featuring the Boy Comics #121 Variant Cover.

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The Crimebusters #2 is here!

When Chuck and Trixie investigate a haunted house, there’s only one way to solve the decades old murder mystery: time travel?!

“The Secret of the Ghost Bride” is a complete 31-page mystery adventure comic novel!

This issue also features a five page solo backup story starring  Vera Veritas: Science Adventurer!

Printed in glorious black and white, this version of The Crimebusters #2 boasts the Boy Comics #121 Variant Cover. A tribute to the Golden Age adventures of Chuck Chandler, this cover by creator Scott Harris is an homage to¬† Simon and Kirby’s cover for Adventure Comics #74.

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