Work on issue #3 is now underway!

It’s been quite a while since I’ve had the chance to update the blog here on the website, so I apologize for the long delay between updates.

Hopefully everyone by now has had the chance to sign up for the Crimebusters Case Files, where I send updates directly to your email every month. But if you aren’t signed up yet, well, things have been pretty hectic since last fall — I got married, went on my honeymoon, battled several illnesses, finished issue #2 and successfully Kickstarted and printed it, and, oh yeah, there’s this whole pandemic thing. So it’s been pretty busy for everyone!

But I do want to share with everyone the exciting news that I am now hard at work on issue #3, and have finished both the regular cover and the Kickstarter exclsuive legacy number variant. Here’s the first look at both!

The regular cover:

And the Kickstarter exclusive legacy number variant featuring the return of the greatest Golden Age sleuth of them all, Granny Gumshoe!

It’s still going to be quite a while before issue #3 is ready, but hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to share a sneak peek of the first three pages of the stpory. I’m tenatively aiming for a late fall release for issue #3 — and I’m also working on another surprise project that may arrive some time this year as well.

Sounds like the next year might be just as busy as the last. Maybe I should take a nap at some point!

See you next time. And… Adventure Awaits!