The Home Stretch

Feels like it’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to sit down and write out a proper update. But that’s because I’ve been keeping my nose to the grindstone. And let me tell you, that’s a really good way to lose a nose.

But it’s also a good way to get a lot of work done! I’m in the home stretch now: 26 out of 30 pages are completed, leaving just four pages to get the inking and textures. I planning to have the story completed by Monday, which is almost hard to believe considering I’ve been working on the art almost every day since October.

Now that I’m down to the final pages, though, I suddenly have a deadline. That’s because I need to submit my comic to the 2019 Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo on Monday in order to be considered for a booth at MICE this October.

I’ve previously related how inspiring it was to attend the 2018 MICE show, so it’s been a goal of mine ever since to bring The Crimebusters to this year’s show as sort of a coming out party. Of course, I’ll also be bringing the book to Kickstarter in June, but MICE will be my first show as a creator. Since it has limited space available, though, it’s actually a judged show – they accept comic submissions and review all the applicants’ work to decide who gets in or not. So I really want to have the entire book done in order to show them it’s ready to go.

Mystery! Adventure! Suspense!! A panel from page 21 of The Crimebusters #120.

Once the main story is done, though, there’s still a lot to do. I am hoping to have a four page Squeeks backup story, which I have a plot for but haven’t yet started. I also need to design the inside front cover — which will have character bios and such along with the credits for this first issue — as well as two text pages to round things out.

I also have a number of tasks waiting for me to get things ready for Kickstarter. I’ve been working with the Comix Launch group, headed by Tyler James, which as been very instructive. The main things that need to be done before I launch for Kickstarter are:

  • get the book compiled in PDF/comic reader form for digital sales
  • contact and work with a printer so the book is ready to go to print as soon as the Kickstarter ends
  • draw two variant covers
  • finish this website
  • design the Kickstarter page, including promotional art, videos, and more
  • design the Kickstarter bonus rewards and get them ordered
  • and most importantly: start a mailing list and get as many people on it as possible via social media and other avenues

That’s a lot of work! Which is why I am planning to wait until June to launch the book on Kickstarter even though the art will be done next week.

I’m fairly confident I will be able to hit my goal (I am tentatively aiming for $500, with a real target stretch goal of $800), but there’s a ton of work still ahead of me between now and then. Still, it will be fun — especially finishing the book itself.

A whole comic book! That I made! How cool is that?!

Next time, I’ll hopefully have some Kickstarter rewards or Variant Cover artwork to share. Talk to you then!